Our Mission

At Nightingale we strongly believe in preserving the environment for future generations.  Everyday we deal with some of the most beautiful things thats nature can produce and we want to make sure that we do our bit to make sure that these wonderful things are available to enjoy long into the future.  So here are some of the things that we are doing to protect the plant, its fauna and its wonderful wildlife (Like the beautiful deer above we saw whilst walking our dog along the River Way Navigations).


Our Carbon Footprint

We aim to make our carbon footprint as low as possible.  We are constantly exploring way to reduce the miles travelled by our flowers and other items.  We are extremely proud to have been accepted as a customer of Plant Passion, a wonderful local flower farmer based in Guildford just 4 miles from our shop.  Our relationship with Plant Passion not only ensures that your flowers arrive in a best possible, and freshest condition but there if minimal impact upon the environment in terms of pollution during transport.  Not only this but locally grown flowers provide a wonderful ecosystem for our native animals and insects as well as cleaning the air that we breathe…. and that is good.  Visit Plant Passion to find our more about the wonderful work being carried out there by Claire and her team.

We aim to source our sundries and gifts from local producers such as our wonderful Pots available for sale on the website and in store.  These pots are produced 2 miles from the shop so not only is it great for local business and trade but again there is almost zero impact upon the environment.

Waste not want not..

We are currently working hard to reduce our waste.  There seems to be a lack of interest within retail to recycle waste  and separate green waste from rubbish.  This seems crazy to us given that most people are passionate about recycling waste at home.  We want to work with local allotments to find a way of composting all our green waste and recycle as much as possible.  We are cutting down on non-recyclable items such as florist foams and cellophane and whilst this will provide an extra challenge in terms of building larger displays, our florists are more than up for using their imagination to achieve this.

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